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Chris - In view of your fine handling of the Word of Truth, the proper distinction between Law and Gospel, I am amazed that you even belong to a church that is incorporating the teachings of Rick Warren! Does your church know you thoughts on this issue?


I am concerned about the views my church I am newly attending will be studying. Please look at this comment of my church starting their new topic below and let me know if this is in fact based on the "Rich Warren Movement" so to speak. Thank you...


I forgot to post the comment in my previous note.
see below,,,

This weekend we start 40 DAYS OF COMMUNITY!

Together we'll learn...

... why we need others to fulfill our purpose in life.
... how God uses people to prepare us for eternity.
... why learning real love is life's greatest lesson.
... how to turn bad relationships into great ones.
and more.

To fully benefit from the transforming power of 40 Days of Community, we're inviting you to participate in all four elements of this campaign:

1. Gather a few friends at your home to watch & discuss the 6 video sessions of "Better Together," a series that have been taped for you. This video study is the heart of 40 Days of Community.

If you'd rather join an existing group in your area, you can find one and sign up at The Welcome Center in the atrium.

2. Read the 40 daily inspirational reading and weekly memory verse. This book, Better Together, is available at a cost of $7 (our cost) and can be acquired at any small group.

3. Don't miss any of the next 6 weeks at church. We'll be teaching every weekend, with messages related to what you study in your group.

4. Participate through your small group in some form of community outreach:

I believe God is going to use this time of spiritual growth in ways we cannot even imagine! Please don't skip or miss ANY part. We're praying for 100% participation in a 40 day small group.

Michael Kowalson


I understadn what you are attempting to say - however - I have seen the video and we are using 40 days of community in our church and while I am seriously disappoiinted int he quality of the youth materials for this study - It is a good study overall.

You point out the "ripping" of Galatians 5:6 and you do have a point about context - however - have you studied the Greek? There is value in emphasizing the love - and it is correct to do so in some manner. While the book is about faith - it is about the poper application and use of that faith as well.

Faith unexpressed and not evidence through action is dead. There is a point where faith - if expressed must be expressed through love. I can express my faith, but if I do so in a manner that is loveless - it is guaranteed to turn people off - and therefore God is not pleased.

Further it DOES take more than faith to please God. You are mistaking being reconciled to Him with pleasing Him. WHile that DOES please Him it is not the only thing that does nor is it enough after a time. There IS obedience, there IS continual confession and abstention from sin - and there are actions God asks us to take to please Him. We, too often only think of acts of comission as displeasing him - but actsof OMISSSION - forgetting or choosing nopt to do what we should also displeases Him.

Understand not every study can approach every topic with every doctrine in scripture or we'd never do anything! While Warren could have used better scripture and arguments - he has done no worse than Paul's use of the OT in some areas.

John Othniel

Chris -

You say: "Furthermore, it is NOT love that makes us a Christian community, it is our common faith in Jesus Christ, that He is God’s Son who died for our sins and the sins of the world, that unites us and makes us into the Body of Christ. Our faith then expresses itself through love to our neighbors and fellow believers."

Here is how Warren quotes it, “If you are a follower of Christ Jesus…all that matters is your faith that makes you love others.”

You appear to argue against yourself, your words simply being the long version of the scripture Warren quotes.

I fail to see the reason you have taken issue. Do you know what a polemicist is? Your time would be better spent in apologetics, not polemicizing. What did Jesus say His disciples would be known by: faith or love?

Taking the WHOLE counsel of scripture (including the book of James) would say that you have not a leg to stand on.

Brian Hodge

I am the Deacon for Children's and Youth work at Teignmouth Baptist in Devon and we are using 40 days of Community from the end of Sept.

I am looking to produce some children's material which is UK based and complements the course-

We are also running a Holiday Club for 3 days (which happen to be days 22, 23, and 24 (aged 5 - 11 years) so are looking to incorporate appropriate materials.

Does anyone know of any church which has already started producing their own children's materials to support 40DC please??

Tom Gendron

While we are on the topic of careful use of scripture. Behold I quote you. "This is NOT the message of the Bible nor the Gospel! Scripture clearly teaches that we are saved by faith alone through grace alone" But your reference to Eph 2.8. clearly says: "For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this not from yourselves." We are NOT saved by faith, as you said but by Grace. Be careful, you could be accused of turning Christianity into a works based religion, --you must have enough faith to be saved. The way I read it, faith and salvation fall under grace and it is a gift from God. --so that know one can boast. Love has much to do with how we express our faith. I don't see too much wrong with moving lots of Christians towards love for God and neighbor. Jesus gave high regard to those two commands.

There has been some good comments to your initial post. I think you show read through them. God loves you and I think he loves Rick Warren too.

Mr. Anderson

I think it needs to be said that Rick Warren has many other problems besides the shoddy works of the Purpose Driven Life and 40 days of Community. First off he has openly admitted that he is a member of the CFR. That's like saying you are a member of a secret society. Do you have to go any further? One of his congregation members is Rupert Murdock, one the biggest purveyers of pornography in the world. Has Rick Warren brought this "christian" to accountability or to discipline? Has Rick Warren kicked him out? Rick Warren does not even meet the biblical requirements to be a pastor!! Christians wake up!!!

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